COBRA Continuation Coverage Eligibility

As an active employee, you have the right to purchase Continuation Coverage from the Fund, when coverage would otherwise terminate due to a "qualifying event" (see Eligibility, Notification, Coverage Length section below on this page):

  • Your retirement, resignation, termination (other than gross misconduct); or
  • Your hours are reduced to less than the minimum required for eligibility.

Your dependents (spouse and/or children) have the right to purchase Continuation Coverage if:   

  • Your employment terminates other than due to gross misconduct (for example, you quit, are laid off or retire); or
  • Your hours are reduced to less than the minimum required for eligibility; or
  • You die while participating in the Plan; or
  • You or your ex-spouse remarries within 36 months of your divorce; providing the ex-spouse was eligible on the date of remarriage; or
  • Your dependent child ceases to qualify as dependent child defined under the Fund. 

You, your spouse or your dependent children must notify the Fund in the event of a divorce, remarriage or change in dependent status. The Fund must receive this notification within 60 days of the date on which coverage would terminate as a result of the qualifying event.

Once you retire, you will receive a notice that you are eligible to elect COBRA Continuation Coverage at a monthly premium cost  and for a period of 18 months. 

When your COBRA coverage as a retiree ends, you will then be eligible to continue your dental and vision coverage under the Fund's Annual Retiree Buy-In Coverage, at an annual premium rate.  You can continue the Annual Retiree Buy-In Coverage as long as you wish, indefinitely.

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Some qualifying events can make you or your dependent eligible for COBRA. These qualifying events may be the same as a special enrollment period qualifying event that lets you change your coverage status.

See the specific qualifying events that lead to COBRA eligibility, and the notification requirements and coverage length for each event, in the table below.

Qualifying Events that make you/your dependents eligible for COBRA  When to notify the Fund Office  Who is eligible  Length of COBRA coverage 
You terminate employment (you quit, are laid off or retire) or your hours are reduced  Within 30 days  You and your dependents 18 months 
You die  Within 30 days  Your dependents  36 months 
You and your spouse divorce or legally separate  Within 60 days  You and your dependents  36 months 
Your dependent child no longer meets the eligibility requirements (e.g., turns age 26)  Within 60 days  Your dependent children only  36 months 

Learn how to enroll in COBRA if you or your dependent is eligible.